I realised…

Today when I reached hostel after a hectic day at college, I heard warden aunty talking about a new girl shifting in our hostel.

I asked her-” In which room?” 

“room no. 8”, she replied.

“What about oshi then?”( I thought she is taking another room in hostel).

“She is moving to MP Nagar” ,she said.

Oshi is one of my good friends.She lives just two doors away from me, in the same hostel.We know each other since first semester.She has always been a nice person to me.

She had been telling me that she wanted to move out somewhere else but I never paid that much attention.Today when I realised that she is actually moving out, first time in these two years of my engineering I felt really bad..

Riya and I went to her room.She told us the reason n we talked for hours.We realised that our graduation is near and soon we all will leave.Two years have passed and it seems it is just the beginning.

In these two years, I have always been complaining about my college life but now I know after two years I will return home with tons of memories with me. 
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6 thoughts on “I realised…

  1. This article I can relate to! I stressed and complained about the majority of my uni life and then upon my last year and since, all I talk about is my memories! Uni can be a real eye opening experience and self development t opportunity πŸ™‚ keep up the writing πŸ™‚ x

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