Feeling low?

Hey people!
There are times when we feel low.When friends, family, party,hangout, blah blah blah is no longer a solution to our problems. When we just want to be alone and think about our lives.

So, I have some tried and tested solutions for you all. 

Take a walk alone                                                      Make time and take a walk alone    atleast for sometime. Think about the  problem you are facing or whats the  thing which is making you feel like this.

Exercise                                                                         This has always worked for me. I     don’t know why but it works. Exercising   reduces stress and occupies your mind     making you forget the shitty  things.

Hobby time                                                                     This is the best time for your    hobbies. Mine favourite is sketching.      Just  consume your mind in other tasks that  makes you happy. No need to be perfect  just do what your heart says.        

•Talk to someone                                                             Talk to someone like your mother, best friend, anyone. Talk about the problem.This really works. I can guarantee you ll feel better.

Write                                                                                 When you are sad or feeling low, write down your feelings.It feels like you are sharing it with someone.it is a great tip and really helps you relax.


Thank you! I appreciate your support.

Take care💕



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