°Walking down the old lanes°

Our mind always relates moments to some place, thing, or any object. Whenever we come across those things or places, it takes us back to some memories.Memories maybe good or bad, it always has a great impact on our future.It is soo hard for an emotional person to overcome the fact that they are just the memories now. The fact that they can never live those moments but can only feel.

Meanwhile walking through the old lanes of my town, I find every little detail of the lane tells me a story.                       

The route to my school led to the uncountable giglings. The dais in the assembly ground where I last danced on my farewell, was full of children rehearsing for a function. The place where we bunked most of our lectures now has some new bunkers. Our favourite tree for the recess now has no flowers on it and Our so called haunted place is now an auditorium.

Returning from the school, I realised everything has changed and  Anything which have not changed are the uncountable MEMORIES.💕

#school #memories

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